Brad Bierling

Project Manager

Brad Bierling has been a valued contributor at DTEC since 2002. He has paid his dues in the industry, learning the secrets to quality BMP installation by living it day to day for many years. Like Rick, he progressed to leading a team, and then leading many teams as our Project Manager. Brad is the first point of contact for many of incoming client calls and is responsible for creating a client focused schedule for several crews each day. Brad understands the urgency of our client needs and takes meeting those expectations as a personal challenge. He can also consult with you to create a proactive maintenance schedule to get off the compliance treadmill and avoid the last minute surprises that are so stressful for some projects.

Brad is very hands on, and personally visits most sites to make sure he is aware of the critical issues. This allows him to effectively schedule and give direction to crews and also be familiar with the site when clients call for input.

Brad is an avid Avalanche and Broncos fan, but his favorite sport is challenging other peoples fan choices.


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