I Need a Second Opinion

The Challenge Stormwater compliance is part art and part science and it is common to have different opinions about the most suitable response to erosion and sediment control challenges. ext filing. The Solution On site A, DTEC was asked to bid a substantial silt fence quantity. Upon review of the site, DTEC determined that because...
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Complex Projects

Challenging Terrain
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Unhappy with Current Provider?

The Challenge If your current BMP contractor is letting you down in some way we can help. The Solution If needed we can take over a project mid-stream to correct poor installations and address lack of maintenance. More often, you might ride out the current project with our competitor, but resolve to do better on...
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My Project Just Got a Notice of Violation

The Challenge Responding to an NOV requires not only an effective response, but also airtight documentation of the actions taken. The Solution DTEC and sister company Summit have extensive experience in creating responses to NOV. A strong, appropriate response will resolve the matter without further need for regulatory action.
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I am Expecting a Regulator Visit

The Challenge State regulators usually give more than 48 hours notice of a visit (or audit), but local regulators may simply drop in without any advance notice. If you’ve been putting out fires with other contractors and have taken your eye off the stormwater program, you will be feeling the pressure to get your site...
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I Need Help in a Hurry

The Challenge Although we all prefer a proactive approach, there are times when storms or regulators require a rapid response. The Solution DTEC has achieved a 48 hour or less response time of XX% in 2016. Many critical situations received responses the same day as the call was received.
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