D-Fence Perimeter Control

Durable, Affordable, Guaranteed

It pays to do it right the first time.
With D-Fence you get a superior sediment control fence with better fabric, best in class installation, and a one-year guarantee. That’s right, we guarantee* our D-Fence for one year and that means that you can rest assured that we install it right – the first time and stand behind that installation. D-Fence, it’s peace of mind for your budget, protecting you from paying over and over again for maintenance on sloppy and inferior silt fence installation.

Want to see if D-Fence can save you money?  Use our Cost Calculator and see how D-Fence stacks up against the other guys.

*D-Fence Guarantee

We are so confident in D-Fence that we’ll guarantee it against weather related failure for one year from the installation date. Repairs or replacement of damaged sections will also be guaranteed to meet regulators requirements, all at no cost to you. Examples of weather related failures include fabric detached from the stakes by strong winds, surface water flows allowed under the fence by undercutting, or stakes snapped by excessive sediment accumulation. Unfortunately, DTEC cannot guarantee our fence against damage by others, such as being driven over, cut by another contractors for access, or having materials stacked on top of the D-Fence.

The D-Fence Advantage

Your D-Fence against wasted time and money.
Better Fabric

D-Fence uses high strength fabric, with a tighter weave and better UV protection than the other guys. This means a more durable fence, that stands up to the weather more effectively and that means more effective sediment control for your site.

Trenching & Backfill

The key to D-Fence is the quality of our installation techniques. Anchoring the fabric in a trench is essential to not only durability, but allowing the D-Fence to function as intended. No, it’s not rocket science, but it is backbreaking labor, which is why some other installers skimp on this critical step.

Stronger Attachment & More Stakes

We don’t use “pre-fabricated” fence with fabric and posts already assembled in the factory. Instead, we custom build D- Fence on site, choosing the stake spacing and staple pattern best suited to your job and anticipated surface flows.

Ready to Experience the D-Fence Difference?

We’ve designed D-Fence to deliver long term performance, so you experience better sediment control, more bang for your buck, and more time to focus on completing your project.

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