The Latest in Vehicle Tracking Control

Finally, a trackout solution that simplifies your life. We all know the pain of maintaining traditional rock vehicle tracking control systems. The rock only works when it is loose enough to “scrub” tires, and the rock is only loose for a short time after installation. This leads to frequent need for refreshing the VTC by ripping the rock or adding a layer of rock. Plus, the loose rock becomes a hard packed dirt surface when too much dirt is trapped in the rock. The result is a costly and ineffective VTC. FODS is the manufactured, reusable, easily maintained alternative to traditional rock VTCs.

The FODS Advantages


Can be installed over vegetation, bare ground, or asphalt without the need to excavate or deliver loads of rock.


Durable and lasting tire cleaning that doesn’t degrade over time.


Easier Maintenance without the need for additional rock deliveries or other maintenance items.


Smaller footprint than traditional VTC solutions.


Removal is easy and quick – saving you time and money.


Relocation to your next project becomes an easy and viable option.

Need FODS for your next project?

FODS are available as either a purchase or a rental.

DTEC is the exclusive rental/install partner for FODS in Colorado. Ideal for short-term projects: pay only for what you need, lower monthly payment, installation is included, and maintenance and cleaning are available from DTEC.


If you want to purchase your own FODS, DTEC can deliver them to your site. If you choose, the DTEC team can install the FODS panels for you as well. And just like with the rental option, maintenance is also available to periodically remove accumulated dirt and mud.

Get the FAQs about FODS

The FODS website is full of information for inquiring minds, including examples and videos of the product in use. Check out all the info and stop back here or call 303.306.1606 or email us to request for information.


Get FODS for Your Next Project

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