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Put Yer Boots On. . .

I follow a lot of stormwater and environmental blogs. Many of them recycle the same news, and hey, I’m guilty of that, too. If you’d like to read an environmental blog that pulls no punches, check out this post from Mark McPherson, an attorney from Texas:


Not sure if you want to follow the link? Try this quote on for size: “I’m glad I had my boots on when I read through this draft rule.  I have never seen a proposed rule include more self-promoting language, and puffery that is flat out wrong.” But Mark does more than give his opinion on the EPA draft rule, he does his best to interject some common sense into the discussion about what constitutes the “waters of the the United States”.  And I have to agree, the proposed ruling is a big stretch, and feels like a power grab, not a logical extension of the original Clean Water Act language.

You can argue with the author, but at least you know with certainty where he is coming from. Mark is proudly pro-business and pro oil and gas development.  Thanks, Mark, for giving us a breath of fresh air and your unfiltered opinion. I appreciate it, and I’m looking forward to future installments. Our goal is to be straight shooters, too. If you’d like to work with a BMP contractor that won’t “should” all over you, give us a call.

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