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Tips for De-Stressing State Stormwater Inspection – Part 1

Pre-inspection preparation: If you have the luxury of a day to prepare for the inspection.Call your BMP contractor and stormwater inspection company asap for assistance and guidance.
  1. Clean up any trackout from site exits. Dirt tracked onto adjacent streets is highly visible and an indication of poor maintenance habits.
  2. Review perimeter controls like silt fence or wattles. Repair any damage and remove accumulated trash.
  3. Check your concrete washout station. Ensure that there are no concrete spills outside of the designated area.
  4. Pick up loose trash and debris. This may seem minor to you, but is often found on state NOVs.
  5. Review existing inspection reports, check for proper signatures and dates.
  6. Review Stormwater Management Plan, especially the site map. Ensure that it reflects current BMP usage.