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The results are in! D-Fence maintenance update.

We recently posted about an opportunity to compare stormwater maintenance costs. A worthy effort, and one we hope to discuss with you.  On the topic of maintenance costs for BMPs we do have one very specific data point we would like to share because frankly, we are quite proud of it.

For all D-Fence installations in 2019, DTEC has been called back to perform maintenance amounting to a grand total of 2.5 hours.

Almost Zero Maintenance

Think about it.  19 projects, with over 34,000 feet of D-Fence, over the course of six months, and the total amount of maintenance time needed was 2.5 hours. And the 2.5 hours was on only one project, meaning that 18 D-Fence projects needed zero maintenance during that time period.

And that time was free to the client. As a warrantied product, DTEC has committed to covering all weather related maintenance for the first year after installation.

For those of you new to our site, you can learn more about D-Fence by reading our previous blogs; D-Fence as a System for Sediment Control or Is D-Fence Really Just Silt Fence? Or, visit our D-Fence page on our website.

Would you like to explore the use of D-Fence on your upcoming project? Would you like to work with a contractor who takes pride in the quality of all their product installations? Give us call, we like to help make you look good.

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