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Protecting your Project

We all grew up with the phrase “buyer beware”. There’s a lot of wisdom in those two words. As consumers we’ve all fallen for the “too good to be true” offer. Fortunately, the stakes are usually low and we soon recover from our low cost purchase.


An example I think everyone can relate to is the $50 ink jet printer. Who wouldn’t want a functional printer, cranking out great looking photos and homework assignments for just a few bucks? It really is amazing what you get for $50.

But of course, we have all learned that paying $20 or $30 bucks a pop for ink quickly raises our real cost. We tend to really notice when our kid prints reams of images for their school project and we find we are out of ink when it’s time to make a dozen copies of that business presentation.

So at some point we do the math. Maybe we find the ink jet is still worthwhile for small projects, but the more we print, the more the laser printer shines as a real value.

OK, you get the idea, but in the case of construction projects using a BMP contractor to install silt fences, wattles, inlet protection or erosion control blankets, what specific steps can we take to make sure we get the best deal?


Two easy tips for BMP installation

First: Check the spec. Every installed BMP on your project will have a “construction detail” which visually represents the key installation points. A simple sketch like this can provide details on orientation, staking method, trenching requirements and critical dimensions. If you are familiar with these you can verify that your installer has met all the specs.

Second: Listed second, but this is our most important tip for getting your money’s worth from your BMPs. Insist that your installer stands behind their work. If any BMP fails in the first few months, you should be able to have the repairs or maintenance done for free. You expect this from your electrician, your framer, and your foundation vendor. Why not ask the same of your BMP contractor?

Are there exceptions to asking your BMP contractor to back up their work? Sure. We all understand that BMPs cannot be guaranteed if someone else damages it. This does happen. It happens a lot. But your silt fence, for example, should be able to stand up to several storms and months of wind and UV exposure before weather related failure occurs.

That’s why DTEC is staking its reputation on a guaranteed silt fence product called D-Fence. It comes with a one year guarantee against weather related damage. Compare it to the industry standard and see if it makes sense for your project. We want to turn the industry on its head and ask you to pay for your D-Fence one time and know that weather related repairs and maintenance are included for one year.

For more information on D-Fence, feel free to call us at 303.306.1606

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