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When D-Fence Makes Sense: Part 1

When does it make sense to use D Fence instead of silt fence? If you want a quality installation of silt fence that passes the initial inspection, protects your budget and the environment, then D-Fence makes sense.

Let’s Be Realistic

You may have a short term project, or a project with little to no risk of pollutants flowing off site in the stormwater runoff. It may make sense at that point choose the low bidder and pocket those savings. Maybe. But even on a shorter term project quality matters because damaged or ineffective fence will lead to hassles of calling for a repair, directing the contractor when they are on site, approving invoices, and the potential for sediment cleaning and sweeping.

On the other hand, the longer your project will be under construction, the more it make senses to use D-Fence. Why? Because the longer the project is open, the more likely you are to have failures of a poorly installed silt fence. Without the additional measures included in a D Fence installation, you are more likely to need multiple repairs, multiple clean ups, and more management hassles associated with each visit by the contractor.

D Fence: Guaranteed Silt Fence

Because D Fence comes with a one year guarantee against weather related failure, it makes sense to compare D Fence to silt fence based on an assumed one year long project. As an example, check out our cost comparison calculator [here]. We list out some of the costs to your project that are very real and very common, but may be overlooked if you only compare products on the initial installation price. You can run that calculator, or create your own comparison based on your own estimates for the following factors:

  • Estimated frequency of repairs
  • Average cost of repair visit
  • Management time to schedule and supervise repairs, per visit.
  • Cost of sediment clean up due to failed fence.
  • Management time needed to approve invoices and track them through your payment system.
  • Cost of time spent dealing with regulators and responding to them if they spot your failure.
  • Opportunity cost of time spent chasing repairs instead of building your project.

Including all those costs in your calculation will you give you total cost of ownership for a year of silt fence compared to a year of D Fence with repairs to weather related damage included in your installation price. We think you’ll find D Fence to be the real bargain.

We invite you to explore how using D Fence and other high quality BMPs can improve your bottom line. Explore our Solutions page or give us a call at 303-306-1606 to run the numbers and see if this counter cultural solution is right for you.

Download our D Fence product sheet.

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