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When D-Fence Makes Sense: Part 2

Whether the project is commercial, residential, trails, roadways, pipelines, parks or schools, most land development projects are perfect for D Fence. As noted in Part One of this post, this is due to the dollar savings seen in a total cost of ownership calculation.

A Guaranteed Solution for Complex Projects

In addition to longer duration projects, you may run your own analysis and find the D Fence is also a great choice for high risk sites. If your site includes ponds, creeks, irrigation ditches or other waterways, the investment in D Fence may be worthwhile to respect those natural features and because sites with surface water features often are targets of additional regulatory oversight.

Does your site have significant elevation changes? In addition to existing water bodies on or near your site, the grading you complete for your project may create additional surface flows that create a need for the most durable and effective sediment control features possible. Are the drainage patterns concentrated or expected to be high volume? You may consider D Fence for the added protection these surface flows demand.

Unwanted Attention

Finally, is your project location high visibility or a candidate for high levels of enforcement? Some cities and counties automatically qualify for added oversight because of local regulations and local regulators. You are probably aware of which jurisdictions fit this description, but if not, we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

Even in cities and counties that are not noted for high levels of enforcement, a project that is visible to a lot of neighbors can receive unwanted attention. We’ve seen upset neighbors who love to call the city about any annoying stormwater situation. This can happen on a high traffic commercial site, or when a residential project borders an HOA or park or other open space, or when the whole project was opposed by neighbors during the entitlement process. In all these cases, an ounce of prevention may be better than a pound of cure, so consider D Fence as your insurance against these frustrating situations.


D Fence in an outstanding choice for these project types:

  • Land Development, when durability matters.
  • High Risk Projects, when environmental impacts are possible.
  • High Profile Projects, where visibility to the public raises the stakes.

Please call DTEC at 303.306.1606 to get a bid for your next project. Or visit our Solutions page and find out more about what we offer. We’d love to show you the value of doing it right the first time.

Download our D Fence product sheet.

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