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Spending Your Erosion Control Dollars Wisely

We are all consumers. At home, we are constantly making purchases to feed our families, provide housing, keep our vehicles running, improve our lives, entertain ourselves and invest in our futures. We are pretty good at spending money. Most of us have learned to be smart consumers. We compare options, look for value, choose purchases that fit our unique needs, and choose between priorities.

At work our spending decisions take on some of the same dynamics. We have to manage budgets for our projects to be successful, and we have to make sure we are spending our money with a pro who knows how to deliver on time and under budget.

When Things Don’t Go as Planned

But sometimes we are disappointed with our purchases or let down by service providers. We’ve all been there, right? So how do we respond?

At times we decide to return an item, or at least tell the management what we think of their product. Other times we decide to stop doing business with that store, that provider, or that person. But when the stakes are high, we often ask the seller to “make it right”.

Did your mechanic “fix” the wrong problem? Has the plumber failed to stop the leak? Is your computer performing worse than it was before? Did the foundation guys leave a mess behind? Are your new windows not sealed correctly?

It happens. And it is frustrating. But these are examples of problems we expect the providers to make right for us. And for crying out loud, if that vendor has to come back to make things right, the last thing we should expect is to be billed for correcting their error.

So why should your BMP contractor be any different? We see this pattern in our industry and it baffles us. Are you paying your BMP contractor to fix their own mistakes? Are they getting away with poor quality installations that become your problem? Are they making money cleaning up sediment that should never have made it to the street?

Put Our Experience to Work for You

If this is happening to you and you want to get back to working with a pro who will back up their work, give DTEC a call and ask about our training program, our experienced Team Leads, our quality audits, and our commitment to make it right if we’ve made a mistake. You deserve to work with a pro who will look out for your long term interests.

We take pride in quality installations for all of the BMPs we provide. See our D-Fence page and our FODS page for examples of how DTEC is going above and beyond the industry standard to take care of our client’s erosion control projects. Let us do it right the first time. We can back it up.