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FODS: New Product Keeps Dirt Where it Belongs

One of the ways DTEC delivers value is to our clients is to keep an eye on emerging products to help manage stormwater compliance at your projects. For more than two decades we’ve seen new products enter the market and transform how erosion and sediment control are implemented. And yes, we’ve seen many new products that did not live up to expectations.

For the majority of our history we have been “product neutral”. By this we mean that we will give our opinion and share our experiences, but we also let our clients have the final say on the product mix used to keep pollutants from leaving your project. But there have been a few stand out products that we found to be promising enough that we join the effort to help the product gain widespread acceptance.

FODS are a new track out control BMP that we are excited about. So excited in fact that we’ve become the exclusive rental partner in Colorado. FODS are available for purchase from our (highly recommended) vendor, Bowman Construction Supply and also from DTEC. However, if you want to rent this new product, DTEC is the place.

But what exactly are FODS and what makes them better than the generic Vehicle Tracking Control installations they replace?

FODS: A New Answer to an Old Problem

Well, the manufacturer can tell the story more completely and more colorfully than we can (FODS Website), but let us boil it down for you. FODS are a re-usable and highly durable mat that has a unique textured surface that will help scrub mud and soil from rubber tired vehicles when they exit a construction site. The surface will flex tires and scrape them while also vibrating the vehicle on its way over the mats. The soil that falls off is collected below the surface of the FODS mat so that later vehicles to travel over it are not just driving over the mud and soil left behind by the earlier vehicles.

What really makes FODS stand out is the contrast to the traditional rock VTC. Here are a few highlights:

  • Faster, easier installation. This allows more rapid deployment when time is of the essence.
  • Easier to clean. Because the FODS are effective at removing soil, it will begin to collect on the lower part of the mats, but compared to the process of “refreshing” rock on a VTC, this is simpler and more effective.
  • Durability. The product material is super strong and durable. That allows the FODS mats to be reused over the course of several projects, lowering your total cost in the long run.
  • Longer effective life: Rock VTCs get compacted, filled with mud, and soon lose their effectiveness. The way to extend the life is to turn the rock surface by scraping or scarifying it. This has limited effectiveness, so the next step is to bring in a new load (or two, or three) of rock to renew the surface.
  • Cost effective. Because of the lower maintenance requirements and because there is no need to resupply with rock, the FODS can be less expensive and more effective at the same time.

This is just a high level overview, but if you are intrigued, we would love to meet with you to run the scenarios and compare the cost of a highly effective FODS installation compared to the traditional VTC.  Keep in mind that in addition to comparing the costs, you should also factor in the potential for lower sweeping costs and the simplicity of an easy to maintain product that won’t let you down. Visit our FODS page on the web, or give us a call at 303.306.1606 for more information.