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Tractor prepares soil for native grass seeding

Seeding Equipment: Ripping in February

Seeders love their equipment, so we are taking a moment to highlight the ripper being pulled in this photo.  Native grass seeding in Colorado requires the right tools. The implement shown has 12″ shanks ripping the ground to remove compaction. This is a critical step which allows water and oxygen to penetrate deeply. With deep ripping like this, more precipitation is retained to encourage germination and growth. We love reclamation!

Another thing to note about this photo is that it was taken in February of 2017. Drill seeding is typically not done in February in Colorado because of frost in the ground and snow cover. But when the weather cooperates we’ll get the equipment rolling to help our clients out.  Getting seed in the ground now means that the seed is ready for warmer temps and spring moisture.

What is the best time of year for native grass seeding in Colorado? Opinions abound, but there are two general schools of thought. One is that since spring and fall are prime growing seasons, that is when seed should be planted. The other school of thought is that native seed cab tolerate sitting in the ground for an extended time, so the best time for native seeding is when weather and the construction schedule allow access. Then the seed is in place and will do its job when the proper weather conditions are present for seed growth. As a seeding contractor, we support the second idea. This effectively expands the seeding season, which works in everyone’s favor, and we’ve seen great results from early or late season seeding. A final factor is that having seed in the ground prior to spring avoids running equipment in muddy conditions that would interfere with seed placement and increase soil compaction.

Native seeding requires patience, but it is a remarkably effective and cost-effective method of stabilizing large areas of disturbed soils in Colorado. When you are ready for native seeding, DTEC is ready to give you the quality service you need for your project.