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No Surprises

Here at DTEC we work hard to earn your trust. We believe in being transparent with our clients, showing cost saving options, even at our own expense, and doing things right the first time. Why? Well, we want to sleep at night, and we cannot do that if we don’t treat clients like we would want to be treated. One part of that effort to earn your trust is the philosophy of “no surprises”.

We appreciate our clients, and we believe that our clients appreciate having no surprises when it comes to stormwater management. We cannot make all surprises go away, but we take steps to eliminate the surprises that are in our power to control.

Erosion control, sediment control…out of control?

Let’s be clear. There are some things out of your control, and out of ours, too. Summer storms? Regulator visits? Damage by other contractors? These are hard to control, maybe even impossible. So what can DTEC offer its clients to avoid surprises and to earn trust? Our D-Fence is one example of going the extra mile to provide quality installations that avoid surprises.

How can D-Fence help you avoid surprises?

It’s simple. We think you should only pay for silt fence once, and we think you should pay for weather related maintenance exactly zero times. No surprises.

  • Wind blowing silt fence fabric off of stakes?
  • Water escaping under the fence?
  • Stakes snapping off leaving fence on the ground?
  • Holes in the fabric from failed staples?
  • Fence toppled by heavy sediment loads?

We think these types of failure shouldn’t happen. We think that if they do, you should not have to pay for it. Surprised?  Skeptical? Check out our one year guarantee against weather related failure on DTEC’s super strong D-Fence. D-Fence can protect the environment and protect your budget from surprise repairs at the same time. It’s another example of why you can TrustDTEC to be your partner in compliance.

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